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Worldwide Price List - Page 1, April 2021
a2zPlaces.Com Mobile Website App & AdSnippit Builder

Prices for Mobile Website Apps and Classified Directory AdSnippit Listings
Advertised on ANY a2zPlaces.Com Town & Area Local Community Website Apps, Worldwide
FREE Home Page
Post It Yourself
- FREE Home Page Website
- FREE Hosting & Unique URL ID Number
- FREE Classified AdSnippit & Advertising
- Optional Upgrades
Manage, Setup, Design, Edit and Post
Your Own Beautiful, Responsive
Home Page Website App & AdSnippit Listing
Home Page App  -  £FREE /month
Post It Yourself
Post It Yourself Upgrades
- FREE Home Page Website App
- up to 4 Extra Content Pages
- Try Before You Buy
- FREE Classified AdSnippit & Advertising
1 or 2 Content Pages from only £228 per year
(equal to £19 a month)

3 or 4 Content Pages from only £348 per year
(equal to £29 a month)
Fully Managed Design
Fully Managed Design & Hosting Upgrades
- FREE Home Page Website
- Managed Design, Setup & Hosting
- Extra Editing at Affordable Hourly Rates
- Try Before You Buy
- FREE Classified AdSnippit & Advertising
1 or 2 Content Pages from only £348 per year
(equal to £29 a month)

3 or 4 Content Pages from only £468 per year
(equal to £39 a month)
You provide YOUR Images and Content
Our Editor Will Manage, Design, Setup, Edit & Post
YOUR Beautiful, Responsive Mobile Website App
Add a Custom Domain Name + Catch All email
Add On
- A Custom Domain Name
- Catch All Incoming email
We Provide YOUR Domain Name URL
with Catch All email forwarding to your email address
Add £60 per year (£5 a month)

Forward Your Own Custom Domain Name
Add On
- Your Own Domain Name
- Point or Forward your URL
- Use your Own URL email
Arrange for your Registrar to Forward/Point your own domain name to your new listing & website.
No email services are provided by a2zPlaces.Com.
Add £36 per year (£3 a month)

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