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Franchise & Affiliate Plan
for Town Guides & Editors

A Worldwide Social Network of Hyper Local Town Guide Apps
with bespoke DIY Website App Builder,
Local Community Directory Listings,
Feature Advertising, Online Sales & Marketing

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Over 300,000 Town Guide Apps so far with 11,799 in the UK,
each with a2zPlaces.Com branded product name & website app address


Alan McLelland - Founder, Owner, Developer, Webmaster - Mobile +44 (0) 7784 348 118
a2zPlaces Ltd, Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 13297664
17th July 2021 - Version 1.0

1. The Problem

We can see the growing demand on Social Media platforms for Hyper Local News, Social Media Posts, Sales Markets, Advertising and Marketing Services on a Town By Town and Community Interest Group basis.

Advertising revenues, traditionally serving and supporting local communities through local newspapers, have been hijacked by Google and other worldwide social media platforms and technology.

Individual, stand alone Local Community Newspapers and Websites have insufficient reach and traffic to justify Ad revenues that can sustain the business plan and new local business models are desperately being sought.

Google itself is building Google Places to capitalise on Worldwide Advertising Revenues. However, search engines and Social Media Platforms are having to adapt and adjust their traditional website platforms and business models to provide hyper local community solutions - grabbing Local Advertising revenues from the local communities that create the underlying content.

a2zPlaces.Com aims to disrupt that - doing it more logically, more openly and more fairly by creating local employment opportunities through the design of Website Apps and the provision of Local Advertising and Marketing Services that will recycle Local revenues.

2. The Opportunity - Introducing is a new, purpose built Network of Hyper Local, Town Guide, Mobile Website Apps and empowers Local Community Town Guide Websites to offer Town, Area, Region, Country and Worldwide Advertising Reach.

Every Town Guide App enables Members to Post Journalistic and Social Media Community News Article Listings, Directory Listings and Feature AdSnippit Advertising automatically created by our bespoke Website App Builder.
A Worldwide Social Network of Hyper Local Town Guide Apps
with bespoke DIY Website App Builder,
Local Community Directory Listings,
Feature Advertising, Online Sales & Marketing

Our bespoke Customer Relationship Management System and Content Management System enables us to aggregate Local Listings into Areas, Regions, Countries and a Worldwide Search Engine.

Our integrated Website & App Builder offers both DIY and Managed Website App Design & Hosting, with the additional benefit of simple, transparent local Town and Area Hyper Local Advertising and Marketing.

a2zPlaces.Com Mission is to recycle local Social Media Activity, Website Design and Advertising revenues back into local community Editor and Town Guide jobs using our Franchise and Affiliate Scheme.

3. Proof of Concept

Development has proved that the Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management System and Website & App Builder perform as designed, and the Network of over 300,000 Town Guide Website Apps works beautifully!

Hyper Local Content for the Network is planned to grow as the Affilite and Franchise Network grows and the County of Surrey (England), and over 459 Surrey Towns, are being used for Proof of the Business Concept. Please browse




4. Online Sales Funnels - on Every Town Guide

Every Town Guide has the following Sales Funnel Channel Pages -

Towns.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey - Users Browse OR Search for their favourite Town Guide Website Apps

Join.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey - for FREE - We have a Worldwide Membership Database that enables users to join their local Town, Area, Region and Country.

Post.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey for FREE - Members can then Post Listings into 7 Directory types and linked to ANY Town Community in the World - their Birth Place, Home Towns, Work Towns, Holiday Towns or Towns of Interest

1. Articles Directory

2. Blogs Directory

3. Business Directory

4. Classified Ads Directory

5. Events Directory

6. Members Directory

7. Personal Directory

8. Towns Database (Created by Administrators Only)

Advertise.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey - Members Posts are automatically advertised on the appropriate Town Guide Market Channel Directory Page and in the Website Search Engine.

Members can then choose to Feature their Listings in any combination of Area and Town Guides, anywhere in the World.


- Post Websites & App Builder Listings linked to any Town Guide

- Post and Design Do it Yourself Website Apps with shared Hosting

- Automatically create AdSnippits Feature Adverts


- We do everything for you

- Managed Design, Build, Hosting and Advertising

- Managed Online Store Hyper Local ecommerce Website App Templates

(Stores are in development)

Affiliates.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey - Become a self-employed Local Affiliate Editor

Franchise.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey - Become a self-employed Local Franchise Town Guide

Search.a2zPlaces.Com/Surrey - Advanced Directory Search with unique and precise location filtering

Newsletter - Every Town Channel Page has a Newsletter that advertises Featured AdSnippits

Channel Pages - Every Town Guide has over 80 Local Vertical Market Channel Pages like Shops, Shopping, Trades, Property, Tourist, Sport, Education, Politics, Disabled, Lost & Found, etc..

Please See these three a2zPlaces.Com Website Apps and the progress so far




5. Franchise & Affiliate Plan

It will take time to establish Proof of the Concept and Network Business Model for Surrey.

After conducting their own research, new stand alone UK Local Community Websites will be launched and they may be interested in an out sourced, tried and tested, Hyper Local Town Guide Website App Franchise Licence.

In 2013, over 170,000 new websites a day were published. If people like our Website Builder Designs and Service, our "Try Before You Buy" offer may tempt them to buy .

6. Time Line Snapshot

We now publish over 300,000 Town Guide Website Apps, Over 11,000 in the UK.
Every Country, Region and many Areas and Towns

We are NOW actively seeking new Members, Customers and

  • Local Affiliate Editors and Franchise Town Guides in the UK
  • Strategic Channel Page Champions for ALL our 90 plus sub domain pages
  • Angel Investment to expedite Proof of Concept

Alan McLelland, 15 July 2021
Mobile 07784 348 118

CEO, Owner, Founder, Developer and Webmaster